For You

by Stacy Pratt

I’d like to write
cool as your red shoes
and cuffed jeans,
your CD collection
of Johnny Cash
and Cause for Alarm,

a novel to give you fits
because you hadn’t written it
yourself, and poetry
to make you slam
the book down, cursing.

I just lost three pages
of golden haze
behind rain in Camisano
when something crashed
and I didn’t have the heart
to start over.

I wanted to write
the unusual light
you missed in the war,
a year of weird rain,

A sentence,
at least,
that says what I mean.

Stacy Pratt is a Muscogee (Creek) freelance writer and musician living in DeRidder, LA, where her husband is stationed at Fort Polk. She has a doctorate in creative writing from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has taught composition and literature in colleges in several states, most recently New York. Her work has appeared in Hello Giggles, Catholic Digest, This Land Press, and Indian Country Today. She is an assistant editor at Jane’s Boy Press.

I wrote “For You” in 2005, when my husband was deployed to Afghanistan with Chosen Company, 2/503 173rd Airborne. We were living in Camisano Vicentino, Italy, and our internet connection was not strong. I had written another poem, and a computer glitch erased it from the world. This poem is the result. So many things and people were gone suddenly that year.

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