Collateral is a new online literary journal affiliated with the University of Washington Tacoma. We showcase high quality creative writing and art that explores the impact of the military and military service in spaces beyond the combat zone. Please look around, read from our first issue, and consider submitting your work.
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Collateral explores the perspectives of those whose lives are touched indirectly by the realities of military service. Numerous journals already showcase war literature, but we provide a creative platform that highlights the experiences of those who exist in the space around military personnel and the combat experience. We feel these voices sometimes go unheard, and this journal captures the “collateral” impact of military service, whether it is from the perspective of the partner or child; the parent or sibling; the friend or co-worker; or the elderly veteran, the refugee, or the protester. In any issue, you might find the haiku of a seven-year old girl whose father is in Afghanistan alongside the short story of an award-winning fiction writer. Or the first-person essay of a military spouse alongside the critical essay of an academic.

Our editorial vision is to be as inclusive as possible and ideologically diverse. We encourage submissions from professional and emerging writers alike. Regardless of authorship, we are committed to publishing high-quality fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and art that speaks authentically about the collateral impact of military service.


Abby E. Murray, Editor in Chief/Poetry Editor
Michael Kula, Fiction Editor
JM Miller, Nonfiction Editor
Jenny Miller, Visual Art Editor
Eric Wilson-Edge, Social Media Editor