September Eleventh Memorial

September Eleventh Memorial
by Ann Iverson

Of course
it must be water falling
then falling again
not just falling once
but falling twice
into giant footprints
where two things did not fall
but melted into themselves.
Into what deep caverns
can we make pain flow?
How deep can a name
be engraved?
How slow was the fall
when you held another’s hand?
Does this water make a difference now?
Does it extinguish the burning finally?
How far away is one’s real face?
How did one tree survive?
It’s only been fifteen years.
When will we complete the world
before we destroy it?

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Ann Iverson is a writer and artist. She is the author of four poetry collections: Come Now to the Window by the Laurel Collective, Definite Space and Art Lessons by Holy Cow! Press, and Mouth of Summer by Kelsay Books (forthcoming). Ann is also the author/illustrator of a children’s book Queen Freda and the Dangerous Dragon by Orange Hat Press (forthcoming). She is a graduate of both the MALS and the MFA programs at Hamline University. Her poems have appeared in a wide variety of journals and venues including Writer’s Almanac. Her writing and art can be viewed at
On “September Eleventh Memorial”:  My stepson served three tours of duty so to visit the memorial was a necessity for my family’s healing process. While there, the poem came to me so suddenly that I had to scribble the words on a napkin. A force beyond me wrote - I just stepped out of the way and acted as transcriber. Poets know that this doesn’t happen very often, and when it does it’s holy, sacred ground.